Training & Payment Terms Planeta Capoeira

Training terms

  1. You may take part in 1 trial lesson. If you/your child want to continu training you have to register
  2. During training the capoeira outfit of Planeta Capoeira has to be worn. 
  3. The Capoeira outfit (pants, shirt & cord) should be purchased after 1 month participation. In case of a trial/month subscription or 8x training card only after 2 months. You can order the outfit in training or by email
  4. Extra activities: annually Planeta Capoeira organises a graduation Festival to achieve a (higher) cord. The festival usualy takes place in april. Participation is required for those students who participate more than 2 months in trainings. See the terms of payment for the costs. Other activities as workshops capoeira/music/acrobatics or the competition for the youth are not obliged
  5. During school holidyas (adults only Christmas holidays) and public holidays there is no training. Also there is one week of vacation  which is flexible and some extraordenary data in which there is no training (see the agenda)
  6. Training loss: due to unforeseen circumstances (ilness teacher, car breakdown etc.) there may be some lesson failure (max. 2) annually. For these lessons no dues are refunded. If possible there will be a replacement training.
  7. Pupils/Students take part in the training or related activities for own risk and costs and will not liable Planeta Capoeira for accidents, theft or damage of personal belongings.
  8. Planeta Capoeira advises you to arrange a legal liability Insurance and/or accident Insurance.
  9. We appreciate it if in case of absence you indicate this by e-mail, sms/Whatsapp or during a former training
  10. Missed training can be catched up at another day or location in consultation with Planeta Capoeira. The training can be followed in the same week or the week following on absence
  11. Fixed training day: if training once a week you choose a fixed day. Changing is only possible in consultation
  12. You agree that during training/activities there can be made photo’s/videos which Planeta Capoeira can use for promotion purposes. If you don’t agree you can mention this in the regsitration form.
  13. Privacy: the student agrees with the fact that personal data are saved for purposes that are part of the registration with Planeta Capoeira. See the Privacy Statement on the site for more details.


  1. By registration for trainings you also register for participation at the graduation festival (point 4 training terms)
  2. The training season starts end of august/beginning of september and ends end of june/beginning of july. The season consists of over 10 months. See the trainings rates for the exact data.
  3. Registration options:  as an introduction  youth can register just once for a trial subscription of 4 lessons and adults a 8x training card.  Youth as well as adults can choose the flexibel month subscription or (the rest of) a full year registration. All registrations end automatically end of the season. If desired you can renew you registration.
    • Full year training: cheapest option! This subscription cannot be ended or changed during the registration period  with the exception of comelling circumstances as a removal etc.
    • Monthly subscription: flexibel – unsubscription in compliance with a notice period of only one calender month.  You only pay the month following on the month ofunsubscription.
    • Try-out subscription (youth): registration for 4 successive lessons. 
    • 8x training subscription (adults): 8 trainings valid during a 10 weeks period
  4. Extend subscription: the monthly and try out subscription & the 8x training card can be changed to (the rest of) a full year training after ending. Switching form one to two trainings is never a problem.
  5. The chosen day/time and location of training can only be changed in consultation with Planeta Capoeira
  6. A termination/subscription change can only be accepted sending an e-mail to quoting name and date of termination/change

Payment info & terms

General  info

  1. No entry fee to be paid
  2. The training rates are based on a training period of over ten months. Only this 10 or the resting months have to  be paid. 
  3. The costs of a capoeira outfit is depending on the size €45,00 – €60,00 for the youth and €60,00 for adults.
  4. The costs for Graduation are €40,00 (youth) and €75,00 (adults).  Invoice in march/april or montly installments.
  5. U-pas: pupils up tol 17 years can use the family budget to pay trainings. Students of 18 years and older can spend a maximum of  € 120,00.
  6. Students in possession of a valid student card receive a discount of 25% on the training fee.
  7. Family discount: a 2nd etc. member of the same family receives a 10% discount on the smallest subscription
  8. Any refund of dues is only possible in a clear case of force majeur as a removal. In case of long term ilness/injury (of more than 8 weeks) which you can proof with a doctor statement the resting period of subscription can be suspended after the period of 8 weeks untill the date of recovery.
  9. A change in location/training day or change of time of more than 2 hours gives you the right to end the subscription from the date of which the change takes effect. Already paid fees will be refunded.
  10. Planeta Capoeira reserves the right to change the training fees once a year. You will be informed via e-mail 4 weeks before the ultimate date of registration.  
  11. You are required to pass changes in personal data (adress, phone number, bank account number,  e-mail adress) as soon as possible by e-mail

Payment terms

  1. The dues have to be paid prior to the training period. In case of monthly direct debit the payment is afterwards
  2. The invoice you receive by email via ‘’ 7 days prior to the date of payment
      • No administration fees
      • The full training year can be paid by a one-off direct debit or by 10 (or the remaining) direct debit installments.
      • The (1st) payment will take place in the 1st or 2nd month after registration
      • After 2 blocked direct debit attempts the debit command will be stopped and the remaining dues have to be paid directly by bank transfer or cash
      • If you disagree with a depreciation you can – within 30 days – ask your bank to book the amount back
      • Per invoice the administration fee charged is €2,50.
      • In case of a monthly subscription the notice period has to be paid in advance.
      • The amount of the invoice has to be paid in advance of the ultimate payment date by banktransfer of iDeal
      • Per payment the administration fee charged is €5,00.
      • The payment has to be made during the 1st lesson of the period in question.
    • U-PAS (see the ‘general info’)
      • In case the available amount on the u-pas is not sufficiënt you are required to pay the remaining amount
    • Contact us in case of payment issues for consultation/a payment scheme to avoid unnecessary costs If your payment is not received on time, you’ll receive free of charge a 1st payment reminder by mail. For a 2nd reminder €5.00 adm. costs are charged and for a 3rd reminder €10.00. The payment term for each reminder is 14 days.
    • In case dues are not paid the student is not allowed to participate in trainings.
    • If the payment after the 3rd reminder is not met then the claim will be handed over to the collection agency. All the associated costs are borne by the student or the person responsible if student is a minor.

(Planeta Capoeira july 2021)


Or download these terms (pdf)